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What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning can be integrated and comprehensive, where all elements of your financial affairs (like retirement planning, investments, insurance and college funding) are brought together into a coordinated, cohesive plan. Or, it can be very specific, focusing just on a single issue of importance or concern to you. In either case, financial planning is a multi-step process that provides you with two important deliverables. First, an in-depth review of your current situation (either comprehensive or specific, depending on your planning objective) and secondly, a road map that provides clear direction on how to achieve your planning goal(s). It is important to remember that financial planning is a dynamic process, not a single, one-time event. The economy, tax regime, your feelings, and your goals can change over time, necessitating constant monitoring and updating of your plan. 

Do you work with clients not local to Lake Tahoe?

Yes we do! By leveraging technology we can work with clients anywhere in the world. Even clients that used to meet with us in an office have commented about how convenient and comfortable virtual meetings are.

Do you offer your services to qualified and non-qualified retirement plans?



How can I get started?

Click on the schedule button at the bottom of any page. This is a complimentary, no obligation meeting. We are happy to meet with you virtually (it is simple and fun), or via telephone. If you are local to Folsom California or the surrounding areas we can schedule a meeting at our brick and mortar location. 

How do you charge for your services?

We fully disclose all of our fees. We offer an initial consultation, up to one hour, that is complimentary to prospective clients.  Please see prices tab to look at our competitive rates and fees. 

What is fee-only planning, and why is it important to me?

Fee-Only financial planners are paid only by their clients. They never receive any commissions, sales incentives, bonuses or special perks paid by insurance companies or other financial service entities for selling their products. Lake Tahoe Wealth Management is a true Fee-Only financial planning firm. Knowing this, you can approach us with the full knowledge that we will be bringing recommendations that are in your best interest only. You do not have to worry that we will need to “sell you something” in order to be paid for providing you advice.

Do you offer your services to businesses that would like to provide objective financial and /or investment advice to their employees?

Any organization (profit or non-profit) wanting to provide unbiased advice and financial education to their employees can benefit from our services. We can also provide financial advice and coaching to rank and file employees and/or senior executives on a retainer basis. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you have engaged an independent, fee-only firm, thus eliminating the possibility of sales pressure related to product sales or bundled services.