Meet the team

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Richard P. Dee, CFP®

Chief Executive Officer

Over the course of Richard’s career, he has developed a passion for providing truly comprehensive and deeply integrated wealth management services to individuals and families.  An educator at his core, Richard delivers services that are empirical in nature; rooted firmly in the growing academic sciences of financial planning, behavioral finance, and portfolio management.  Richard helps our Firm's clients plan for and navigate the sometimes stressful or exciting financial situations that inevitably arise in life.  Richard is an expert at helping clients avoid emotionally-driven decisions, instead guiding clients into making decisions that are likely to lead to the life the client envisions for themselves. 

As a young practitioner, Richard noticed that while many firms have their competencies and strengths, very few had harnessed those strengths and brought them together in an integrated fashion. Richard has taken the core strengths and competencies that he has witnessed in firms across the country and assimilated them into cohesive services. These services bring the disciplines of financial planning, tax planning, succession planning, and trust and estate planning into a seamless package. His process breaks down the complexity of our financial lives, ensures the moving parts are all working together, eliminates inefficiencies, and summarizes your responsibilities into very simple action steps.

Experience matters. A 2002 graduate from the Texas Tech Personal Financial Planning program (widely regarded as the top program in the country for Financial Planners), Richard has worked for firms all across the country, including some who are considered leaders in their areas of expertise.

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Debbie Grose, CFP®

Chief Operating Officer

Debbie joined Lighthouse Financial Planning in 2007 (Lighthouse subsequently merged Lake Tahoe Wealth Management, Inc. in 2016) and earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2008. Since earning the CFP® designation, Debbie has fully embraced the essence of what it takes to be a successful planner: serve the client’s best interest, always, with the utmost of competency and diligence.

In addition to developing strong internal processes to ensure Lake Tahoe Wealth Management’s clients receive top notch service and sound advice, she has lead the development of our Wealth Accumulator Program(SM).  This program addresses one of biggest challenges facing the financial services industry; serving the yet-to be wealthy in a fee-only, fiduciary capacity.

Debbie is also passionate about the importance of financial literacy, the need for a true financial planning profession and importance of the fiduciary standard of care when giving any kind of financial advice.  As an active volunteer within in the Financial Planning Association (FPA), Debbie clearly demonstrates her actions are in line with her beliefs. She has served as a Mentor for FPA’s Residency program at UC Irvine (2011, 2012, and 2013), Past-President of her local FPA chapter; FPA of Northern California Chapter (2012 President), past member of the FPA’s national Career Development Committee, and Career Development Chair for her local FPA chapter.

Her educational background includes a BS in Business Administration, Accounting with a minor in economics from California State University, Sacramento; and a certificate in Personal Financial Planning from the UC Davis, Extension.

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Tim Sallade,CFA, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer

Tim is a fervent advocate of integrated portfolio management and financial planning for individuals and families. He is a proponent of the fiduciary standard; Tim believes every family should receive unbiased guidance that is in line with their their life goals.

Tim’s wealth management career began when he left his product development role at Xerox to pursue his MBA degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in the fall of 2000. Tim refined his financial markets acumen as a 2nd year student portfolio manager of the Cayuga Fund at Cornell’s Johnson School; a hedge fund that is integrated into one of the leading investment management graduate programs in the world. Tim has studied the use of the factors of size, value, profitability and momentum in order to execute a portfolio management style that is empirically validated to be persistent in all time periods and pervasive across all asset classes; helping the Planner to “fine tune” a portfolio’s risk and return characteristics to match a client’s life goals. In 2007, Tim completed the rigorous Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program. He then went on to earn his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. Tim is a long term member of the CFA Society of Rochester and the Financial Planning Association; and continues to develop his skills with the latest innovations in portfolio management and financial planning through continuing education programs.  

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Khaleda Sallade CRPS®

Retirement Plan Specialist

Khaleda is a Retirement Planning Specialist and registered investment advisor at Lake Tahoe Wealth Management. Khaleda focuses on helping businesses implement and monitor their qualified retirement plans. She brings a wealth of experience from high-tech and manufacturing industries, which enables her to better understand and address the needs of plan sponsors who have organizational responsibilities and are looking for advisory partners who can take on investment fiduciary roles.

Prior to joining LTWM, Khaleda served as a consultant supporting operational, strategic and financial management needs of technology and medical businesses in the Rochester, NY area.

Khaleda acquired her operational management experience during her 10 years of technology and marketing management positions at Kodak and Xerox. At Xerox she delivered software solutions for next-generation digital document management systems. While at Kodak, she had design and management responsibilities in delivering high-speed electronic ICs and digital hardware systems for copiers, printers, scanners and optical character recognition systems.

Khaleda received her Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA degree from The Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

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Ethan Green, CFP®

Financial Planner

Ethan joined the Lighthouse Financial Planning family in 2012 (Lighthouse was subsequently merged into Lake Tahoe Wealth Management in 2016).   He graduated from Golden Gate University’s Ageno School of Business with a Masters of Science in Financial Planning.  Ethan was recognized by the faculty at Golden Gate University as the Outstanding Graduate Student in Financial Planning.  Previous to his enrollment at Golden Gate University, Ethan graduated from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Civilizations.

Ethan passed the CFP® exam in 2012 and completed the experience requirement earning the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM designation in 2016.  He enjoys the process of working with clients and providing them with the information they need to pursue their dreams.  Ethan is also an active member of the Financial Planning Association, current board member for the Northern California chapter, and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

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